Saplings & Crown

It has been such a fantastic time doing the Open Studios in Devon at Hearn field Pavilion in Combeinteignhead during the past few weeks. I have had some great conversations, met some wonderful people and had a really fun time.

Thank you to everyone who came along, the other fab artists who I exhibited alongside~ Charlotte Biba Bouchard, Niamph Geralty, James Deane, Pippa Radley and Angela Bennett and a big thank you to those of you who bought cards, prints and paintings and general support towards doing what I love.

As promised to various people throughout the exhibition I am going to endeavour to blog a bit about some of my paintings.

I thought I would begin with my painting ‘Saplings & Crown’.

During the creation of this painting over the summer I would drift to sleep with my window open listening to the call of the owls in the inky night. I love the idea of our dream worlds merging and enchanting our everyday lives. A doorway between our inner and outer realities.

The air was thick and warm as the night spilled it through the cracks of the darkened room. Around the small brick house the trees rose high towards the sky, robed in rustling leaves.

Heavy with sleep, her mind filled with vivid landscapes, ancient ruins and crumbling memories. Through her open window, far in the distance an owl screeched, gently rousing her as it flew into her dreams and dropped feathers onto her mud stained footsteps. As she knelt to pick up a soft plume she discovered it had already taken root and small white flowers had began to unfurl.”

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