Howling back the Ice

I have been working on a collection of images all based around the premise of ‘Howling back the Ice’.  It has been hard not to be thinking, and feeling pretty heartbroken about climate change and the plight of our animals across the globe who are facing extinction or, who have already sadly, met that fate.

I was listening to a folk tale about shape shifting called ‘The man who became a wolf’ this particular version was read by storyteller & poet Jay Leeming (well worth finding him on podcast- The Crane Bag) The story incubates ideas and thoughts of mans relationship to nature. Our disconnect of these wilder realms can be seen in our profit seeking landscapes which strip the balance from nature and our own inner terrains.

I painted this painting ‘Howling Back the Ice’ which has led me on to create a set of mixed greetings cards based around the idea of the creatures themselves that inhabit the artic calling back those pearly ice glaciers. My sense is the more we can bring images of these creatures and landscapes into our everyday lives, we feel a sense of connection to them which may in turn help us consider our own choices of how to help the current challenges facing us and them globally.

These paintings will soon be available to buy on my online shop, Etsy and at various outlets and pop up stalls over Winter- more information on this to follow shortly.

I will be donating a percentage from each sale of these cards to a conservation charity.

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