Ajna’s Gift

She comes with gifts.

As the grasses weave around your ankles and the soft bull rushes stroke your skin, let the roots of a tree curl around you like a bear cub.  Hear your animal body calling you home to listen as the world spins it’s stories.



The otherworldy creatures in this painting come bearing gifts; the pine cone and the shaft of wheat.   The pine cone can symbolise the pineal gland and with it the gifts we discover if we develop our imaginative minds to become rich and fertile, whilst the wheat shaft a place where our creative abundance can be conceived.

As we step outside we can reflect our own imaginations within the natural world around us.  We can stare at clouds and see Cumulus, cirrus or stratus but stare a little more, blur our eyes perhaps and we may see a great lion blowing across the skies or an Eastern temple strewn across the sunset.

Staring at a ragged rock face we can trace a face cast across the ancient lines and grooves. Most children can understand this playfulness – they can happily see the dragon’s lair, the old crone’s hut and the wolf’s footprints as they steal across the path. By letting the stories of these places live and dance within us, we may hear the whispers in the woods which will guide us towards the crumbling cottage, the one with a crackling fire and a stewing mug of tea, which has been there waiting for us all along.

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