threshold for social media

Searching for blooms in twilight’s gaze, 

We call the time when the sun is just above or below the horizon as twilight. The moment before the sky is filled with either the golden honey of day break or the inky sea of night

Dusk and dawn can be described as thresholds, where the veil between the worlds is thinnest, a liminal state, when the journey ahead is either filled with the numinosity of sunlight or we are plummeted into darkness.

Daylight illuminates new perspectives, expanding our vision, whilst the dark is more disorientating. However, both can bring new opportunities.

In the obscurity of light we move slowly, unable to see the dangers ahead until we are upon them. This slowing down is implicit in our journey as it is during these times that developing our own inner resources and intuition can help guide us. We can take the time to develop the wise old woman within us all and the nimble footed night vision goat.  Together they can help lead us towards new beginnings, to the patch of earth where the winter’s first snowdrops have broken through.

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